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Room acoustics calculator

Orienting acoustics calculation of indoor spaces

This calculation software only determines the absorber area required for the cubature described and does not provide any information on the arrangement of the absorber surfaces in the room. The results are therefore to be seen as orientational; they do not replace the assessment of the building project by a person competent in room acoustics (e.g. a specialist acoustics engineer).


The audio files used for the qualitative demonstration of reverberation in the context of auralisation were created on the basis of Anechoic Recordings (Source: Dr. D.Hennings, Cologne)Speech: "Der kleine Kuckuck Käpt'n Muck" (Skog Ogvann, 2020) Music: Cologne University of Applied Sciences: "Anechoic Recordings"(M. Woirgardt, Ph. Stade, J. Amankwor, B. Bernschütz and J. Arend, 2012).

We thank the authors for their kind permission!