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Alle Produkte von Lignotrend sind natureplus-zertifiziert

Timber innovation meets sustainability

Ecological construction with LIGNO® cross-laminated timber elements

Climate protection, energy saving, the preservation of fossil resources and, last but not least, a lastingly high standard of living: construction with timber takes into account many facets of sustainability. Building structures made of LIGNO® are cost-effective in construction and preserve the environment over their entire lifecycle. 

Moderner Holzbau bestehend aus konfigurierbaren Brettsperrholz - Bauteilen made of LIGNO®.
Binding of CO2

Timber construction – a key to sustainable climate protection

When timber grows, CO2 from the air is turned into carbon and oxygen.Due to this binding, the carbon from around 1 tonne of CO2 is fixed in 1 m³ of timber.However, timber can only alleviate the climate-damaging greenhouse effect if the material is constantly removed from the circulation, in other words used as a material. Timber rotting in the forest would release CO2 again in the short term. If, on the other hand, it is used in the building industry, the CO2 remains bound in the long term.

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Rundholz aus dem Schwarzwald für die Produktion von Lignotrend-Produkten
Timber origin

Sustainable management promotes the health of our forests

For the production of its products, Lignotrend mainly uses silver fir and spruce timber from FSC or PEFC-certified sources in the Black Forest and neighbouring regions, from Switzerland and from France. With the reactivation by Lignotrend of a thick-trunk timber sawmill in Ibach, the regional value added chain from forest to processor has been re-established for the silver fir, which is widespread in the southern Black Forest. Forest owners can sell thick-trunk fir timber directly to Lignotrend and benefit from fair purchasing terms.

Brettsperrholz-Rippenelement mit Akustik Sichtoberfläche und erhöhtem Feuerwiderstand
Material efficiency

Optimisation of the component cross-sections

Timber is consciously used by Lignotrend as a valuable raw material. The elements use the optimum quantity of solid timber while at the same time saving material in the cross section where, for example, it would not provide any added value from a technical point of view. Thus, without losing solidity, a larger element area is created from the same quantity of "tree": together with the dimensionally stable transverse bonding to form cross-laminated timber web and box elements, durable solid timber construction is possible.

Neue konifgurierbare LIGNO® Element-Generation

As little as possible, as much as necessary

The configurability of the LIGNO® products makes sense in both ecological and economical terms, because the component is only equipped with the "talents" that the construction task actually necessitates. There is space, for instance, for acoustically effective fillings and absorbers in cavities, where the routing of installations inside the elements can also be enabled.

Recycling and reuse

High quality and durability

The structural parts of buildings made of LIGNO® can cope with many renewal phases such as renovations or changes of use without having to be renewed themselves. And if the buildings are actually demolished at the end of their usage phase, cascade utilisation is possible with timber, where thermal utilisation would only be at the very end of the chain. If the connection method allows, the systematic disassembly of the LIGNO® construction elements for reuse is conceivable.

Gebäude mit Brettsperholzelementen von Lignotrend in Murg
Grey energy

Timber construction means: 
continuously lower energy consumption

Those who consistently preserve resources when building also have the energy aspect of a building and its components in view over its entire lifecycle – from the sourcing of the raw materials, the production and the construction itself through to the usage and the possible disassembly and recycling. In comparison with concrete and steel, timber not only requires fewer resources, but also much less energy. The energy requirement for transport is lowered further if regional timber is used. Renewable energy is mainly used by suppliers for the drying of the timber.

LIGNO® Uni und LIGNO® Rippe mit Sichtoberfläche für ein Klimaholzhaus in Kronach
Naturally healthy living 

In timber buildings made of LIGNO®

With components made of LIGNO®, not only can buildings be beautifully designed, they can also be built to be sustainably healthy and thus provide for long-lasting well-being. They excel with their good interior climate, which is achieved through the special structure of the cross-laminated timber components, which are harmless to health, and the high proportion of real wood surfaces. Lignotrend products have met the particularly strict criteria for the natureplus quality seal since 2006 and are thus officially among the most environmentally compatible and least harmful to health building materials in Europe.

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