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Discreet and effective noise reduction in living areas

LIGNO® Acoustic light shines in pure white 

Zur Lärmreduktion wurde im Wohnbereich dieses Einfamilienhauses eine Wand mit LIGNO© Akustik Light verkleidet.
Die fein profilierte Wand aus astreiner Fichte ist nicht nur akustisch funktionell, sondern dient auch als leitendes Designelement im Raum.
Die helle Wandverkleidung mit Echholzpaneelen von Lignotrend fügt sich wunderbar in das warme Raumkonzept ein.
Die LIGNO® Echtholzpaneelen wurden an dieser Wand "reinweiß" lackiert, was den Paneelen ein elegantes Aussehen verleiht.
Die aus feinen Lamellen geformten Lampen fassen das Lamellenprinzip der hellen LIGNO® Wandverkleidung auf.
Die unregelmäßige Profilierung der LIGNO® Akustikpaneele "nature" sorgt für eine dynamisches Erscheinungsbild.
Die glatt geschliffenen Leisten der Akustikpaneele aus heimischer Fichte sorgen für eine erfolgreiche Reduzierung des Lärmpegels und Nachhalls im Raum.

The interconnected cooking, dining and living space on the upper floor of this detached house is characterised by its bright, clear interior design. Unfortunately, in the spacious living area of the family of six, cheerful living sounds could quickly tip over into unpleasantly loud noise - a stress factor for the family members. 

Various approaches to solving the room acoustics problem proved not to be useful upon closer examination: Small surfaces, e.g. "acoustic pictures" would simply have been too inefficient, natural wood surfaces would have detracted from the architecture, and the owners had doubts about other materials with regard to their building-biological quality. So they decided to use real wood panels LIGNO® Acoustic light, painted in RAL colour "pure white". The only suitable location was a high wall in the cooking and dining area: installed over the entire surface at a height of 4 m, a comparatively small panel area of around 10 m² is sufficient to break up the sound and noticeably reduce the noise level and reverberation in the vicinity of the dining table as the main source of sound. 

Configuration overview

Components used

  • Schematische Darstellung einer Wandverkleidung made of LIGNO® aus Holz

    LIGNO® Acoustic light  |  Wall cladding

    Product code: 
     LIGNO® Acoustic light 3S_33_a70g_625-12n25-4_FIS_gs_2940 RAL9010
    Wood type

    Various wood species are available for the visible layer. For quality reasons, individual wood species cannot be configured for all profiles; for technical reasons, surface treatments are excluded for some wood species.

    Wood type

    _FIS Spruce knotless, plain 


    The visible layer is profiled with joints. The code for profiling indicates in millimetres: Element width, strip width (rounded, from/to if applicable) and joint width (rounded) as well as a letter identification for variants, e.g. with chamfered strip edges or with additional height gradation.  

    Note: Some profiles indirectly cause exclusions for other configuration options.


    _625-12n25-4 Slat profile "nature" 


    The face is subjected to a brushing _gb as standard, which produces a stronger or weaker structure depending on the type of wood and makes the surface less sensitive to scratches.  Alternatively, a smooth sanding _gs can be carried out, or on request a bandsaw cut _grimitated.


    _gs Sanded 


    Depending on the type of wood, the optional application of a surface treatment is possible ex works. Individual colour finishes are always sampled for coordination. For elements in individual lengths, colour treatment is limited to max. 5 m length.


    _b-xy Individual colour treatment (RAL9010) 

    Room acoustics

    If the soffit of the element is to have a good sound-absorbing effect, the penultimate layer is configured as absorber _a50g. Otherwise, this layer is configured as a solid wood layer _a0.

    Room acoustics

    _a70g 70% Absorber



Project participants

  • Jochen Schweigl


    Höhenweg 1
    79793 Wutöschingen

  • Lignotrend Produktions GmbH


    Landstraße 25
    79809 Weilheim


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